C-Band Motorized

4 Port Feed

C-Band Motorized Model 4CKU-MOTO.

US$ 4CKU-Moto:$1,850.00 4CKU-MOTO-EXT:$3,850.00 4CKU-MOTO-WB:$1,9630.00 4CCKU-MOTO:$2,250.00
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Model 4CKU-MOTO. For use with primary focus reception antennas. Includes engine. 24 Vol Motor and Potentiometer for fine adjustment of polarization. Freq. 3.7 ~ 4.2 GHz and 11.70 ~ 12.75 GHz. Additionally, Model with Extended C-Band (3.4 ~ 4.2 GHz). Also available with Ku Wide Band Model 4CKU-WB 3.7 ~ 4.2 GHz and 10.95 ~ 12.75 GHz. Finally available with Circular C Band Model 4CCKU-MOTO